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About me

Freelance Photographer, Artist & Traveller

Vlad Kamenski is an internationally recognized, multi-award winning photographer based in Toronto, Canada.

As far as his memories go, since his early childhood, animals and nature have been a central theme in his life. He could not imagine practicing a profession that was not related to them and that is how he became a veterinarian. After working for a while in a clinic, he was not truly satisfied with the direction his life was going to. He was eager to escape from work and go observe and enjoy the wildlife and his own animals at home. His love for photography and his love for animals made him spend all his free time outside, observing and photographing wildlife. Later as his passion grew, he invested in studio equipment and started photographing people and pets. He spent countless hours educating himself - reading books, taking online courses and observing the master photographers. The more he learn about photography, the more he enjoyed doing it. He realized that this is his true calling. Now he spends most of his time photographing people and pets in his studio-Attor Studio and all his free time he spends outside photographing wildlife.

"I feel that I have a special connection with all animals, no matter wild or pets. My veterinary education helps me to understand them better and have the patience to wait for hours to catch the perfect moment. This connection helps me feel extremely passionate and grateful for what I do and cherish every moment of my work."


Vlad Kamenski portrait

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