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365 Days Fox marathon Day 1

Red fox enjoying a stunning sunset

365 Days Fox marathon Day 1

The 365 Days Fox Marathon: Immersion Like Never Before

Foxes are majestic creatures. After I took a picture of a fox for the first time, I must confess that I became hooked. I just knew I had to take more. Since that first photo, I have been photographing them exclusively. I do that about two to three times a week for the past three years.This is how I began my “Fox Project.” I began documenting the lives of a number of fox families in various locations within the Quebec and Ontario provinces.The goal was to capture their life in all seasons and various conditions. If you look at my pictures, you will see that I have taken pictures of them on various times of the day. You will see diverse weather conditions. You will also see photos of them in the hotter months and in the snow.

The most challenging shoots where those done at night. Night photography takes great skill and I felt it was necessary to incorporate many night shots to give people the feel of immersion.I wanted people to really feel like they were part of the fox world and most foxes are more “themselves” at night, when there are less chances of running into snooping humans just like myself. This is the sacred time of the day when they become the sleek predator that preys upon other types of wildlife.This started out as a project for me, a way to give humans a look at life as a fox, if you will. However, they became more than just subjects for my shoots. The fascination had turned into something else. I had become immersed.

In fact, I could follow one family tree to up to two generations. I would witness tiny babies mature and have their own family. It is a humbling experience to witness that side of their lives. I had become attached and to this day, I would say, I am still quite attached to certain photos of these beautiful creatures.You will notice that the first few shots were taken further away. However, I noticed that later on, they didn’t seem to mind my presence too much. I began to take photos from a closer distance. That was when it hit me. My presence had not gone unnoticed as I thought it had. Slowly, I was beginning to gain their trust.Perhaps they began to see that I wanted nothing of them. Maybe they allowed me access to their private lives because they knew my intentions were pure. For whatever reason, they let me in and I am thankful for that rare opportunity. Over the years, I have received many emails from people who were interested in my project. This was supposed to be just a private hobby, but the interest made me feel greedy to hoard such amazing pictures all to myself and close friends. This is the reason why I decided to start the 365 Days Fox Marathon.

The pictures are found on my website and are free to view. I guess you could say that this little pet project has become my contribution to the world. This is something that I can share without hesitation, a look at foxes in their natural habitats. These are foxes just being themselves, not held captivity nor forced to pose by a handler. This is just them being who they are.These stunning photos took time to collect. After shooting for two to three days a week, I can say that the collection found on my page is far from complete. There are more where those came from and I promise to reveal even more slowly.I think there is no rush, as I believe quality cannot be rush to begin with. For now, people who are interested in my fox collection can follow my blog for daily fox pictures and I will include little snippets of information in each picture.

Presently, I have thousands of pictures I have yet to post and that does not include the pictures I have yet to take of my majestic fox families. This hobby has become my life’s work.

While I do take pictures for a living, I think one cannot put a price to this project because it has become more than just that. If you want to see daily fox pictures, my webpage is


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